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Diwer Evo case with a thickness of 40 mm - European champion of thermal values

Being the best is not among our personal goals, but it is for our devices. Whoever buys one of our machines, knows for sure that they have opted for one of the leading products in the market. Our DIWER EVO has indeed proven to have the best thermal values in Europe among the devices with a 40mm case.

All the compartments for the ventilation and conditioning systems are tested according to the DIN EN 1886 regulation, that provides a series of data (protected and comparable) on the characteristics of product's quality: for example, the heat losses and thermal breaks, acoustic insulation and air sealing. In their turn, they provide information on the product efficiency, energy consumption and sustainability. Within two of these categories, DIWER EVO is the overall winner in Europe.



The DIN EN 1886 regulation recognizes five different classes of thermal break: from TB1 to TB5. DIWER EVO is not only ranked TB1, according to the measurements of the Tüv, but it also has the best value in Europe with its 0.76. DIWER EVO is, therefore, the best product in terms of thermal breaks in Europe, and this is not the end. Indeed, thermal breaks minimize energy consumption and risks of condensation. Without condensation, neither microorganisms, nor rust are possible.

Furthermore, in term of thermal insulation, our convenience is even more obvious and certified by the Tüv. Also in this case, the DIWER EVO compartments, built with a thickness of 40 mm, represent the European excellence, by entering the T2 category. With its value of 0.90 W/m2K, DIWER EVO leaves behind even the best competitors.

Excellent values are achieved by DIWER EVO with regard to sound insulation too. The values measurements of the Tüv show the thickness of the body of 0,04 l/(sm2) at -400 Pa and 0,06 l/(sm2) at +700 Pa - that is the top in the category, equivalent to class L1. The same guarantees are provided by the G1 F9 filter.

Therefore, those choosing DIWER EVO, choose the best in Europe, according to the Tüv measurements.
Undoubtedly, this is the best guarantee.

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