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Ventilation and dehumidification of hay

Ventilation and dehumidification of hay are two fundamental operations for conservation of forage. Indeed, humidity and poor ventilation can damage irreparably the hay stored, ruining it and making it unusable. In order to help farmers preserve hay and forage from the risks of humidity and poor ventilation, we have created a system for ventilation and dehumidification of hay, capable of preventing all possible hazards. Besides, construction of the equipment for hay ventilation and dehumidification is backed by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano with a series of incentives, that allow for amortizing the purchase.

Technical equipment

Our system of hay ventilation and dehumidification is composed of the following elements.

High-performance fan
Our high-performance fan with a variable speed control is created by our technicians individually for each haystack, according to the size and the characteristics required. The fans used by us meet already now the Ecodesign requirements 1253/2014 (regulation in force from 01.01.2018) and are featured by high efficiency and low energy consumption.

2 Hay box
This box for hay drying has an air duct in the double floor that provides an optimal and uniform distribution.

3 Drying plant
The drying unit is supplied completely turnkey and tested in the factory before being shipped.

4 Control
The fully automatic control ensures an optimal value of the air, regardless of the weather conditions.

5 Finished investment
The compact device is equipped with a control system, a fresh air shutter, a recirculation damper and a suction filter.

Types of devices

Advantages of hay ventilation
  • sismplified feeding and greater presence of nutrients in the hay
  • less hay parasites
  • healthier animals and consequent reduction of vetenary costs
  • a well-structured hay that fosters salivation and maintains the rumen engine
  • maitenence of taste and aromatic substances
  • optimal cutting time, that equates to a greater quantity of nutrients and protein in the hay
  • possible additional cut
  • increase of milk quality
  • the same milk production even with winter feeding

Mechanical drying of hay allows not to worry about the weather conditions
  • ventilation and drying of hay are guaranteed even in the rain
  • hay drying 24 hours a day
  • substantial reduction of the drying time
  • low energy consumption
  • high energy efficiency
  • less stress during cut planning
  • hay optimal quality
  • high resistence to impact and accelerated collection

Drying machinery for rotobales

If you are interested in installation of the drying machinery, Weger offers you consulting, design, delivery and installation services. This machinery is applicable ot various types of drying (eg. circular bale and drying of herbs), in all the operating variables, both as a compact solution, or as an individual solution. The systems that we offer are flexible and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

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