Diamant - the compact air-handling unit by Weger

Diamant is the Weger's response to the request for compact and energy efficient ventilation units. In an era when the environmental sustainability is a growing value, even an air-handling unit must contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. As for Diamant, it is notable for its performance.

Primarily, this ventilation unit is able to handle volumes of air comprised between 800 and 15.000 m³ per hour. Moreover, paired with the energy recovery systems, this product can reach efficiency rates up to 90%, according to the EN 308 norm. The device was designed to be durable, in accordance with the statements of norm EN 1886. The selection of the components also ensures the quietness of the air-handling unit's work. Finally, the smooth surface of the compartment makes cleaning operations easier. 

In its basic configuration, Diamant presents the following components: the flexible connection for the ports, the access window, the pocket filter, the rotary heat exchanger and the fan with EC technology. These can be supplemented with other components, depending on the intended use of the device. Among the additional components there are: silencers, humidifiers, and cooling elements.


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Compact unit, sophisticated control system

The heart of Diamant is the Imperia3 smart control system. Thanks to this technology, all the operations per the user get to be facilitated. We have already mentioned the energy efficiency of our air handling units, but owing to this control system, you also obtain an economic advantage. This is because the machine automatically chooses the most economic mode, based on the spatial circumstances. Besides, the design of the device allows for cutting the maintenance costs.


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