Goliath - the space-saving air-handling unit for small air volumes

The Goliath series is designed to handle small quantities of air and it's available in three sizes, capable of coping with volumes between 500 and 4.500 m³ of air per hour. Thanks to its compact size, the Goliath series is the ideal solution to be installed in limited spaces but where the best air-conditioning technology is still required.

For example, we recommend these devices for the construction of low-energy buildings and passive houses. Basically, Goliath has more or less the same structure of the Diamant series. This means that also within this product, we have chosen the solutions developed for the DIWER EVO box, particularly, the thermal cutting of profiles, the location of connections, and the access to the device that can be positioned o each side.

Among the standard components of model Goliath, there is the flexible connection of the ports, the access shutters, the pocket filter, and the heat exchanger in counter-current plates. Separately, one can place the air coolers.


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Energy saving through heat recovery

What makes the Goliath air handling unit series special is the heat recovery system. This system provides up to 90% of energy savings. This result is obtained, owing to a heat recovery component of high density - the counterflow plate heat exchanger, thanks to which the flows of hot and cold air get separated.

This separation of the flows of hot and cold air allows also for evoiding the cross of exhaust air at the axit with fresh air at the entry, so as to deflect contamination. A feature making Goliath perfect for environments with air full of dust and residues.

Like the devices of series Diamant, Goliath as well owns the energy saving unit with the EC technology and the Imperia3 proven control system, that simplifies significantly the operation. Besides, there are several configurations, from which you can choose the most appropriate one for you and operationalize the unit as fast as possible.


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