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Heat recovery hydraulic module with high efficiency, for combined circulation systems

Since a grid for energy saving was created, we have witnessed the continuous development of systems for energy saving and recovery. The application of the national and international legislative framework gives the producers of ventilation units the ability to create the best product, most effective and efficient one. Similar attention is required by any application for the corresponding system, taking into account the regulatory framework of reference.

If the space conditions do not allow for gathering the flows of supply and exhaust air within a single air handling unit, or for hygienic reasons this merger is not desired or permitted, the best solution is the  use of an energy recovery system based on an associated heat exchanger - a system known as a "circulation system".

The complete separation of the air flows prevents from cross-contamination and should be taken into consideration for the recovery of energy, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. The spatial separation of energy carriers requires a hydraulic connection, made possible by a liquid (water or a mixture of water and glycol).

The means of communication must mechaniccaly be brought to the indirect exchange of sensible and latent energy. For this reason, a hydraulic module with smart control has been developed by Weger. The HPS system is available in different sizes and can be expanded according to the customer's needs, with a wide variety of options.

The HPS system is made of high-quality materials and it is not only the part of an air handling unit, dedicated to the recovery of energy, but it is also designed to be energy efficient in itself. On request, in fact, we can isolate all the tubes and provide them with an aluminum shell to prevent the power loss. We only use top-quality materials and effective components from recognized manufacturers.

Weger hydraulic module


›Heat recovery
›Cooling recovery
›Additional cooling
›Additional heat supply
›Insulation of the piping system including the additional aluminum coating
›Heat counter
›Imperia3 control software for HPS
›Efficiency optimization through smart control system
›Flexible LGT for communication and remote control, BACnet, LON, Modbus, etc.
›Compact unit for indoor and outdoor use
›Casing with the pipes in copper, steel, and stainless steel
›Heat recovery detection by means of an exchanger in the air supply and discharge
›Exhaust air humidification

Field of application:

›Support to planning and consulting
›Dimentioning of the heat exchanger and the hydraulic module
›Implementation and system adjustment
›Optional requirements


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