Imperia3 - To use complex devices in a simple way

If you think that the use of an air-handling unit is a difficult operation to be accomplished only by professionals, then you are wrong. For devices developed by us, Weger provides its customers with the exclusive control system Imperia3, that makes the use of a ventilation system easy. Led by schemes, icons and texts, thanks to the graphical representation of all the data and control signals, even a layman can use the equipment without problems. The Weger control system Imperia3 has been designed exactly to provide maximum functionality. This is valid both for the facility of use, and for the intuitive operation - characteristics achieved owing to a 4.3'' touch screen of 256 colors, to a handy working height, and to the possibility of being mounted separately. All these features are also supplemented with flexibility. At the moment of installation, you just have to check the current version of the IEC 61131, because all the necessary hardware components are already installed. This makes the device's software upgrade as simple as plugging a USB memory into you home computer. Flow rate, temperature, humidity and air quality are the four parameters that can be adjusted directly from the touch screen, within the standard version of Imperia3.


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