Mundaria - Clean air for operating rooms

No ambience in the world needs clean and uncontaminated air as an operating room does. Weger has always been a pioneer in the development of innovative solutions, and thanks to this approach it has created Mundaria, an air handling unit designed specifically for the ventilation needs of hospitals and operating rooms.

The purpose of this product is declared even in its name that is inspired by the Latin word "munda", which means "cleanliness". Therefore, "Mundaria" literally means "clean air". A name that is a program, given that this machine is based on the DIWER EVO thermal cut compartment, a tested and reliable product.

As for Mundaria, it presents a series of seven various integrated components: an airtight rolling shutter according to the DIN 1946/4 and DIN EN 1751 norms, a sleeve filter with stabilized inside pockets, EC fans, finned heat exchangers, a heat exchange system for cooling, a compressor cooler, and a heating controller Emerson EC3.

unita trattamento aria

Calculation of requirements for the finished design, from a single source

Thanks to a smart combination of the components, this product presents excellent results regarding the compliance with the EN 1886 European standards. This means that the Mundaria air handling unit for operating rooms has optimal levels of heat transmission and it is resistant to interruptions, losses and structural failures.

Mundaria is a device used in any kind of laboratory, ambulances, or areas of biotechnological production. This series of devices is also equipped with the Imperia3 smart control system that allows anybody to deal with any problems, by affecting directly the capacity, temperature, humidity, and air quality.


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