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The new requirements for energy efficiency of air handling units

Whether it be refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, lamps, or even the AHU: everything that needs electricity to work should be constructed with high energy efficiency, in order to save electricity, produce less CO2, and protect the environment and the future. The good news is that Weger is already able to meet the standards that will be issued by the EU starting from 2018.

Europe tries to regulate the specifications for the equipment manufacturers as regards the energy consumption. In this context, the ErP European Directive establishes the minimum standards for all equipment consuming energy (energy related products). Since the beginning of 2016, the AHU has been part of the Directive application, in cases when the air exchange occurs for the benefit of people. The ErP are not included in the guidelines so there are only recycled units or pure devices that cool down as emergency generators.

Two levels of energy efficiency

The new standards in terms of energy efficiency are therefore applicable to the vast majority of air handling units, and they are provided by the European Union in two phases: a lower one, already applicable to all devices put into operation after January 1, 2016, and a higher one that will come into force in the beginning of 2018. However, the EU does not only establishes a maximum energy consumption, but it also provides detailed information on the requirements for the components (see the table).

Detailed planning

Certainly, the lower energy consumption is, the lower the cost is, and the greater the contribution to the protection of environment and climate is. But all the needs can be satisfied, every detail must be considered, in particular in the design phase.

We at Weger, therefore, plan all possible details with the client in advance : the flow rate, the aim of the system, the size of the premises, location, specific requirements, and more. Nothing should be neglected in the planning, if all the EU standards must be met and the system must be fully efficient. Also because the systems will be controlled by the authorities and the operators will be punished for eventual violations of the rules.

Ahead of schedule

However, it can important for the client to know that Weger has already gone ahead of time, so to say. Nowadays, we can program devices capable of meeting the highest EU standards for 2018. This is important particularly when there is necessity of planning for the long term, as in development of big projects or complex restructurings.

The labels ensure understanding

To facilitate orientation to the client, the ErP Directive provides the obligatory labeling of all residential ventilation systems with labels of associated energy efficiency. These labels are of the same type as those that we find on the electric machines for domestic use. For the AHU, as a rule, the devices that reach the stage of 2016, are classified as A energy class, those already compliant with the standards of 2018, in class A.


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