Air for innovation.

Imagine a world without air. Exactly. It is unimaginable. We need air to live. Air to breathe. WEGER lets you breathe the best air there is. Our air handling units treat and purify air for all rooms, making sure that you feel as well as in your own home, breathing clean air. Our systems control the air in shopping centres, on offshore platforms, in hospitals and in food production plants, to name just a few applications. WEGER units taken in stale air and replace it with fresh, clean air. They are highly reliable and energy-efficient thanks to heat recovery.

Our Diamant, Goliath and Sairios series of compact units demonstrate that we know the needs of the market. Whether you are looking for a turnkey system or a custom-engineered air handling unit (AHU) – you can rely on our exceptional know-how and experience gained over many years in the business. Have a look at our solutions and find out what we have to offer our customers.

Compact units

Small yet powerful – our compact units

Compact, powerful and efficient: where space is limited, our compact units are often the best solution.

Software solutions

Our software solutions

Our special software processes all relevant parameters to propose solutions that suit specific needs.

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