Agriculture –

quality production needs quality air


You might be surprised to learn that air handling is a major issue in agricultural production. Modern farms resemble factories and are packed with high-tech equipment and powerful machinery.


Hay aeration, climate control in stables, drying kilns for herbs and special treatment boxes for animals are now common features on farmyards. And so are WEGER air handling units.

Hay aeration
Hay aeration

At a time when fresh cow milk must compete with soy, almond and rice milk, the focus is on quality. Consumers no longer want to drink milk from cows that are fed silage, but look for a product from "happy cows" fed exclusively with grass, herbs and hay.
While it is up to the farmer to make the cows happy, WEGER can help when it comes to the quality of the hay.
Our hay aeration systems guarantee perfect drying, irrespective of the hay moisture content at the time of cutting.

Tea with herbs

Apart from dairy, there are other agricultural products that promise profits if processed correctly. Most people want to eat a healthy breakfast, consisting of dried fruit and yoghurt, and a cup of herbal tea.
Our drying systems for fruit and herbs preserve nutrients and flavours. Dried products are particularly popular during the cold winter months.

Cow and chicken

Like humans, farm animals also need fresh air to thrive. Modern farms therefore ventilate their stables so that cattle, fowl and pigs can live and grow in a healthy environment.
We care about animal welfare. Animals kept under good conditions also become less sick, cows give more milk, and hens lay more eggs!

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