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Cleanroom & Farma

Test labs are very special environments. In many labs, hazardous substances are released into the air, and workers need to wear special safety equipment such as face masks. Nothing is left to chance, as top safety and hygiene are paramount.


That is why lab operators need systems that they can rely upon, whatever the circumstances. WEGER is highly experienced in the design and installation of air handling units for laboratory environments. Our units feature a special antimicrobial coating and therefore conform to the most stringent hygiene standards.

Laborant looks through the microscope
Inspectations in the laboratory

In many modern labs, we find no Bunsen burners, bubbling liquids in flasks or acrid smoke. Test labs for cosmetics for instance are rather tame environments. And labs where natural cosmetics are developed are obviously free of hazardous substances. However, there is still a need for climate control, and WEGER has all the equipment to achieve this.

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