Good Food

Food –

good food needs good air



We need to eat to survive. Our body needs nutrients and substances that give us energy. Without food, we are unable perform any tasks.


Eating is however not just a necessity, but also a pleasure. The food industry provides us with treats that brighten up our days. Many food producers rely on WEGER air handling systems for safe and clean air at the perfect temperature.


Milk production

Companies in the food sector are very creative, surprising us with new delicacies and making our food tastier and even healthier. WEGER builds customised air handling units for the food industry. Our experts know what producers need and design systems for large factories with many different rooms and complex requirements.


Our units eliminate unpleasant odours, purify the air and neutralise it through filters.
At the same time, they control the air temperature. WEGER thus ensures optimised conditions for workers and food products alike.   

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