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Building a hospital is a highly complex task. Safety and hygiene must always come first, and requires special equipment that must not only be extremely reliable but also efficient and easy to service.

When it comes to air handling and treatment, WEGER offers innovative units that meet or even exceed the most stringent hygiene standards.

Doctors in the operating room
Care in the infirmary

One of our latest innovations is BACSTOP, an antimicrobial coating that we apply to units for applications where eliminating germs is one of the key functions of the air handling unit. Surfaces treated with BACSTOP repel bacteria and viruses, giving them no chance to propagate. WEGER units supply clean and safe air to all rooms.

optimal care

Did you ever visit a nursing home? Then you might remember a slightly unpleasant and lingering smell that prevailed in these institutions. This is however a thing of the past. WEGER air handling units for care homes supply purified air for a homely atmosphere. Clean air and a good room climate are paramount for the well-being of patients and staff alike.

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