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Hotel & Gastronomy

Everybody working in the hospitality sector knows how it feels when guests are completely satisfied. It is a feeling of great achievement and pride. You simply know that you have made somebody happy. It is nice to know that hard work has paid off.


WEGER assists you in experiencing this feeling time and again. Our air handling units make sure that the air in your hotel rooms, dining halls and kitchens is of the highest quality and the right temperature. Guests and staff experience an ambience of well-being.

The kitchen business is booming

Eating out is always a treat. You might do it every day, once a week or only on special occasions, and know popular local restaurants that serve outstanding food. The restaurant business has been growing steadily over the last few years. To enable chefs and their crew to prepare the delicacies we expect from them, they need to control the air in the kitchen.

A feast for the palate

WEGER offers a range of systems designed for the catering trade, including ceilings with integrated ventilation equipment and extractor hoods. All our devices are tailor-made to suit the kitchen layout and the specific needs of the restaurateur. Our units combine energy efficiency and top craftsmanship with excellent aesthetics and ergonomics. We make of course sure that our systems are easy to maintain and service. It is up to you to choose the materials, colour and lighting options. That way, you obtain a unit that meets all your expectations.

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