good air quality is key




The global population is still rising, and consumption is also on the up. As a consequence, more houses are being built, and the public infrastructure is being expanded. In every city, cranes dominate the skyline.


Infrastructure projects must meet the needs of the population and good air is one of the fundamental requirements here.

Train station

That is why WEGER offers custom-engineered air handling units for large infrastructure projects. We have successfully completed units that fit into historic buildings, natural pressure ventilation systems and solutions for large-scale infrastructure projects where the air handling unit is exposed to extremely high temperatures. Our engineers welcome such challenges, and always come up with bespoke solutions that are well thought out and combine perfection with efficiency. We would be delighted to submit a proposal for your infrastructure project. We will design a unit to your specifications, using advanced technology. Please get in touch with us and we will work closely together with you to develop a model that meets your specific needs.

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