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Marine & Offshore

Air handling is crucial marine and offshore operations, and the units from WEGER are able to withstand the adverse ambient conditions at seal.



Most WEGER systems for this industry are based on the DIWER series, as it is not only adaptable but also features no welded or riveted joints. In addition, DIWER comes with highly effective integrated sound and thermal insulation.


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To prevent damage from the salty air, we choose top-grade and highly resistant materials for our units.
On ships and platforms, space is normally very restricted, so that on-site spare parts storage is not an option. That is why all WEGER units for marine and offshore applications are made from extra sturdy materials and components. If needed, these parts can be easily replaced.
Another challenge is the constant movement to units installed on ships and platforms are exposed to. That is why WEGER has designed motors with integrated vibration dampers.

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On ships, air handling units must withstand salt water aerosols. On stationary offshore platforms, salt in crystalline form is the main concern when it comes to machinery. WEGER uses special refrigerants that allow for cooling and heating without the use of water. In addition, the surfaces of our units for offshore operation are made in stainless steel.

Do you wish to know more about the special units we offer for marine and offshore applications? Then please refer to our brochure or give us a call.

“For continuous operation in harsh air conditions, such as at sea, it is important to have experience with special materials.”

Hannes Kahler, WEGER Engineering

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