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good indoor air boosting performance


Offices & education establishment

Are you spending hours in a poorly ventilated office, staring out the window and longing for a bit of fresh air? Many office workers, but also teachers and students suffer from headaches and find it hard to concentrate, especially in the afternoon.

And employers notice that performance drops dramatically during the second half of the day.


This is particularly the cause during the hot months of the year, as air gets stale and workers cannot wait to leave the office to get some fresh air into their lungs. In the winter, heating often makes the air uncomfortably dry. Air handling units from WEGER do away with all these problems, as they ensure that the air in rooms is continuously renewed. In the summer, fresh, cool flows through the building without draughts from open windows that can lead to neck pain and muscle tenseness. During the cold season, our air handling units keep everybody warm while the air is properly humidified and exchanged.

 WEGER turns your workplace into a comfort zone for maximum performance.

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