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Pool & Spa


Many hotels now offer their guests a spa experience. When returning from the ski slopes or hiking trail, guests have the opportunity to relax and recover. For others, spending a day in the spa is actually the reason for the trip.


A spa facility has become an important selling point for hotels. Apart from saunas and relaxation rooms, indoor swimming pools are particularly popular.

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For hotels and pools, we offer extra compact air handling units. We also produce larger systems for public swimming pools and leisure facilities.
Where there is water, there is humidity. To make sure that your guests fell well and do not pick up a cold, the air in spas and leisure centres with pools need to be constantly treated.



Our air handling units designed for indoor pools guarantee a constant air temperature and humidity and optimised air exchange.
For this purpose, the air flows through three treatment zone for heating, cooling and dehumidification, and passes through various filters where contaminants and germs are removed. There are thus no unpleasant odours or mould.
For each project, WEGER designs a tailor-made unit for optimum well-being and safety. Our systems can of course be adapted and fine-tuned on site, should the need arise.

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