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Large shopping centres are visited by thousands of people every day. They do not just shop there, but often meet friends for coffee, go for a meal, etc. In other words, they spend quite a bit of time on the premises.


Whether the outdoor temperature is 30° C or below freezing – the temperature inside the shopping mall must just be right, as shoppers who feel comfortable spend more time and money in shops and restaurants.

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Insufficient fresh air can cause headaches and tiredness, and people feel no longer in a spending mood. They might just grab a few essentials and leave the premises in a hurry, missing all the best offers.

Shopping centre

That is why shopping centres need to control the air, preferably with a unit from WEGER. Our high-quality air handling systems keep you premises safe and clean and also enhance the shopping experience. By investing in a WEGER air handling unit, you boost sales and make sure that shoppers will return to your centre time and again.

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