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Our software solutions

When designing an air handling unit, one needs to first choose the right components. Each component must then be positioned at exactly the right place and correctly configured for the actual application. In other words: designing an efficient AHU is a highly complex task, as there are many factors and parameters to be taken into account: First of all, there are the characteristics of the building and its use.

Then we need to consider the installation site, the altitude above sea level and the resulting air pressure, the average temperatures over the year, the operating hours, and much more. Only when all these factors are known can we actually devise a unit that meet all requirements. The most efficient way to make these calculations is by means of software that processes all these parameters and returns a number of possible solutions.

[Translate to english:] Weger-Geräte-Kalkulation

Weger Unit Configurator 

This program developed by our own IT team is the main tool we use for the calculation of air handling units.

[Translate to english:] KV-Designer

KV Designer

The KV Designer is a software tool for the design of multi-function high-performance closed-loop system.

[Translate to english:] Kompakt-Klimageräte-Konfigurator

Compact AHU Configurator

This plug-in for the Weger Unit Configurator is particularly useful for the selection and configuration of our compact units of the Sairios, Goliath, Goliath Top4 and Diamant series.

[Translate to english:] HPS-Selector

HPS Selector

The HPS Selector is a user-friendly tool for the dimensioning of heat recovery hydraulic modules (HPS), which are indispensable in air handling units with high-performance closed-loop systems.

[Translate to english:] Meteor 2.0

Meteor 2.0

Meteor 2.0 is a tool for calculating the life cycle cost for a heat recovery system, taking into account weather and climate data.

[Translate to english:] Das Online-Tool Compass


Compass is an advanced online tool for the preliminary selection and configuration of WEGER air handling units.

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