[Translate to english:] Das Online-Tool Compass


[Translate to english:] Compass. WEGERs neues Online-Tool

Compass is an advanced online tool for the preliminary selection and configuration of WEGER air handling units. Even if you did not yet have the time to evaluate and choose all possible features, Compass is able to select models that are likely to suit your requirements based on a few entered parameter values, as it works with artificial intelligence. Professionals can use the advanced functions of the program to dimension and design air handling units down to the last detail. The software provides you with a diagram of the configured system and a pdf document containing the technical data. The data can also be exported to a neutral IFC 4 interface. Should you encounter problems, use the chat function to discuss the issue with one of our specialist technicians. Alternatively, you can of course pick up the phone and call our hotline.

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