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Meteor is a tool for calculating the life cycle cost for a heat recovery system, taking into account weather and climate data. The online tool allows you to calculate the capital investment, the return of investment and the CO2 emission reduction. It compiles statistics to determine cost savings as well as the life cycle costs (LCC) of a system. For an accurate simulation of the life cycle cost and the return on investment, the software requires of course realistic inputs of cost parameters such as investment costs and energy prices at the envisaged site of operation. The software comes with an intuitive interface and is easy to use. For professionals, there is the Expert mode for advanced calculations. In all cases, the quantity and quality of the data output depends of course on the quantity and quality of the data input. Nevertheless, operators can use the tool to compare the costs of different heat recovery systems for their centralised air handling units, so that they can make informed decisions regarding the next steps and the overall design of the system.

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Meteor 2.0
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