Sports –

fresh air for fitness



After a long day in the office, many people seek physical activity, for instance in a gym. In the summer, they might go for a relaxing walk in the evening, spend their weekends in the mountains, go for a swim or undertake a cycle tour.


During the winter, there are fewer outdoor activities available, and people resort to gyms and indoor sports, visiting climbing wall centres and gathering in sports halls of schools.

In the gym

Physical activity makes us sweat, our heart rate increases and we use up more oxygen. To ensure an ample supply of oxygen-rich fresh air, WEGER offers air handling units specifically designed for sports facilities. They feature for instance activated carbon filters to eliminate odours.


WEGER units can be found in small school sports halls as well as large ice hockey stadiums or even curling rinks. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can offer you solutions that perfectly fit the size and requirements of your venue. Ice and show are no obstacle, as we make sure that the air temperature is right for your athletes and spectators.

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