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the key to our success.

WEGER was established in 1977. Since that time, air handling technology has taken many a leap forward. Over the years, we have continuously expanded our horizons and invested in innovation. We are activity involved in research and believe that there is still a lot to be discovered when it comes to air handling. Our team of developers is constantly coming up with new and better solutions that we apply in the design of our air handling units.

WEGER has grown considerably in the last few years, and will continue to do so. The advanced technology of our products speaks for itself. We offer a range of solutions from the well-known Diwer models to compact units and custom-engineered systems for complex special applications. Whatever your challenge – WEGER will provide the solution!

AHU housings

AHU housings

Our Diwer, Diwer EVO and Diwer TE series are extremely durable as they combine top-quality materials with excellent craftsmanship.

The advanced pipe system of WEGER

Heat exchanger connection kit

The heat exchanger connection kit from WEGER consists of pump assemblies for heating and cooling register, mounted on a steel frame or pre-installed inside the air handling unit.

The hydraulic module HPS

HPS – because we want to protect our climate

HPS is a hydraulic module designed for energy recovery by means of a closed-loop system. WEGER has been producing such units for many years and is among the global leaders in this market segment. Each unit can be designed and configured to suit the specific requirements of the operator.

The virus

BACSTOP – antimicrobial coating

BACSTOP is an innovative foil coating with antimicrobial properties. WEGER uses BACSTOP in air handling units designed that need to meet particularly high hygiene standards.


FreciousComfort – indoor air filtration

FreciousComfort removes allergens from the air and inhibits microbial growth.



Imperia51 is our latest control system for air handling units. It enables you to configure and run your unit to suit your needs, without having to call in the experts.

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